KANSAI PORACON provides nature- and environment-friendly products ofrainwater penetration, including penetration inlets, penetrationgutters, penetration manholes, and catchment gutters.


Product Infomation

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Product lineups

  • PORACON penetration manholes

    EW Series

  • PORACON penetration inlets

    EMBX series, EBP series, EM series, and EMC series

  • PORACON products

    Permeable sheets, pipe filters, inlet top filters, and upper filters for gutters

  • PORACON penetration gutters

    EBU series, FVP series, APU series, OPU series, OPUL series, OSPU series, OGPU series, EU series, and PORACON gutter lids

  • PORACON catchment gutters

    FVP series, EBU series, APU series, PU series, SPU series, and GPU series PJ/RP

  • PORACON penetration pipes

    E series (PORACON pipes)

  • PORACON catchment pipes

    K series (PORACON pipes)

  • Rainwater storage and penetration facilities

    triple catchment inlets and PLAMAX

  • PORACON green blocks

    PBG series

  • General concrete products

    OK parking blocks

  • General concrete products

    U-type box gutters

  • General concrete products

    FV gutters

  • General concrete products

    Long U/apron

  • General concrete products

    JIS certified products

  • General concrete products

    Circular water channels

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Our offices

■ Head Office
448-1 Kusabe, Sannancho, Tanba City, Hyogo Pref., Japan 6693151

■ Osaka Office
2-5-5 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan 5310072

■ Hyogo Office
448-1 Kusabe, Sannancho, Tanba City, Hyogo Pref., Japan 6693151

■ Line of business
Design, development, production, and sale of concrete products